Our Advantages Everything for the customer.

  1. 01. Serving the needs of our clients: Capability of sales, planning and proposal

    To embody your concept, we strive to comprehend your entire needs from the very beginning of planning private label products. We also make proposal based on analysis of targeted customer and trend, so that the product meets both you and your customers’ needs. We are willing to plan and suggest through our many years of experience of developing and manufacturing private label products.

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  2. 02. Strength in bottling multiple items in smaller lot: Manufacturing technology and capability of development

    Establishing manufacturing system that is capable of bottling multiple items in smaller lot, we supply products that can meet your needs.
    We can offer you 350ml/11.8 fl oz, 500ml/16.9 fl oz, 600ml/20.3 fl oz, 1L/33.8 fl oz, 2L/67.6 fl oz bottles of various products, such as natural mineral water, green tea, oolong tea, jasmine tea, blended tea, or isotonic drink.

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  3. 03. Supplying natural, high-quality and safe products: Quality Control

    Our mission is to secure stable supply of natural, high-quality and safe products: we are continuously working on ensuring quality of our products since inauguration.

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