03. Supplying natural, high-quality and safe products: Quality Control

Food management system for supply chains

Achieving a good balance between creating good taste and risk management.

To grasp the potential hazard in our manufacturing process before anything happens, we’ve acquired FFSC22000 authentication.
FSSC22000 (Food Safety System Certification 22000) is an international standard of food safety system for food manufacturers: it is approved as one of the authorized schemes of food safety by GFSI*, an NPO mainly established by food retailers. Food manufacturer, general supermarket and retailers of all over the world adopts this GFSI’s approved standard as a guideline for supply chain management.
In accordance with this standard, we keep reinforcing safety measures by conducting risk management from procuring ingredients to production and distribution.

*GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative): An organization in which world’s major retailers, manufacturer and distributors participate.

Contents of Quality Inspection

  • Physicochemical Inspections
    Inspect the quality by measuring tannin, Brix (sugar content), pH (Hydrogen ion exponent) etc.
  • Microorganism Inspections
    Confirm safety by testing the presence of heterotrophes, fungi and coliform.

*We also test radioactivity toward raw water once a month at an external inspection facility, to confirm its standard to be below 1Bq.

Proof of Our Technology

As food, beverage is particularly required to be absolutely safe. We are continuously working on ensuring quality of our products since inauguration, in order to secure stable supply of natural, high-quality and safe products. Installing various inspection and analysis devices, our trained staff check the quality of our products every day before shipping them.

Ono Factory: Our Certified Organic JAS Bottling Plant

Organic JAS mark can only be obtained by a certified manufacturer that meets organic JAS standard inspected by registered certifying organization. As for our company, Ono Factory are certified as an organic JAS manufacturing plant.