02. Strength in bottling multiple items in smaller lot: Manufacturing technology and capability of development

We bottle multiple items in smaller lot; for the sake of our customers that strongly wish to develop their own private label products in absolutely not large amounts. We bottle 6-7 items on a production line per day: manufacturing high quality products in this system efficiently requires advanced technology, knowledge and experience that have been acquired over the years. Nowadays, as bottled beverage become common, it’s used as sales promotion means. In order to fulfill this needs, we have established both development technology and bottling system.

<The patent mechanism mechanism diagram>*image

Manufacturing process

  • Step1: Brewing
  • Step2: Centrifugation / Filtering
  • Step3: Mixing / Sterilization
  • Step4: Filling up / Cap
  • Step5: Overturning sterilizer
  • Step6: Labeling
  • Step7: Packing
  • Step8: Anti-slip pasting / Printing carton
  • Step9: Shipment

Our Factory

Water is the essence of all life, therefore we believe it has to be natural, good taste and safe: we make every effort to supply natural, high-quality and safe products. Our water source is at Kyohto district, Yamanashi Prefecture, where steep mountains and lushly green forest nurture fine underground water. We bottle and ship products using selected ingredients, through technology supported by passionate and highly motived water professionals, ensuring perfect quality control system.

  • Yamanashi Factory
  • Ishimori factory
  • Ono Factory,
    Ono Second factory
  • PET Blow-Molding Factory
Yamanashi Factory
Our oldest Factory since inauguration is surrounded by rich underground water vein near Takemori River in Enzan, Kohshu City. This environmental-friendly Factory consumes steam produced by biomass boiler as main heat resource, which had reduced 72% of fuel consume than regular Factory.
Factory name Yamanashi Factory ACCESS
Operation commencement March, 1993
FSSC 22000 authentication Acquired on December, 2012
Manufacturable items Natural mineral water
Bottles 500ml/16.9 fl oz
2L/67.6 fl oz
10L/338.1 fl oz (BIB)
Ishimori Factory
Our second Factory was launched in order to meet our customers’ demand as well as aiming to take responsibility for keeping stable supply as a manufacturer.
Factory name Ishimori Factory ACCESS
July, 2004
Acquired on June, 2009
FSSC 22000
Acquired on December, 2012
Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Barley Tea, Blended Tea, Isotonic Drink
Bottles 2L/67.6 fl oz
Ono Factory
Ono factory which had started operation from April 2019.
The factory is capable of bottling multiple items in smaller lots,
and aims to contribute to the local society as well.

Ono Second Factory
Ono Second Factory dedicated to carbonated beverages started operation
in September 2023.
Factory name Ono Factory ACCESS
Operation commencement April, 2019
Acquired on March, 2019
Organic JAS authentication Acquired on March, 2019
Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Barley Tea, Blended Tea, Isotonic Drink, Natural Mineral Water
Bottles 350ml/11.8 fl oz 500ml/16.9 fl oz 600ml/20.3 fl oz
1L/33.8 fl oz 2L/67.6 fl oz

Factory name Ono Second Factory ACCESS
Operation commencemen September, 2023
Acquired on January, 2024
Manufacturable Carbonated water
Bottles 500ml/16.9 fl oz/ 600ml/20.3 fl oz
1L/33.8 fl oz 1.25L/42.3 fl oz
PET Blow-Molding Factory 【Az-Bottle, Inc.】
Some of our 2L/67.6oz PET bottles are blow and molded at our associate factory of Az-Bottle, Inc. The launch of this facility with Rotary method dramatically increased blowing speed: we built stable supply system of excellently thermostable bottles with low cost.
Factory name PET Blow-Molding Factory
(Az-Bottle, Inc.) LINK
June, 2012
Bottles 2L/67.6 fl oz

Our approach toward protecting environment

Besides supplying high quality products, we are actively approaching the environmental problems.

In order to reduce both environmental load and fuel expense, we, in concert with other company, launched the biomass boiler inside our Yamanashi Factory, with which we burn wooden chips to switch the Plant’s main thermal source from heavy oil. Since then, placing biomass boiler as the main thermal source and fuel boiler as the secondary, we cut 72% of fuel consume than before.

Carbon Neutrality Plants absorb CO2 during photosynthesis, and when they get burned, they produce CO2: this cycle never increases the entire amount of CO2 on a global scale.
Wooden chips drying facility
Wooden chips drying facility
Biomass boiler
Biomass boiler

“Biomass energy is the earth-friendly-clean energy.”